Analysis of ideologies in game


There are no bonuses.

You can don't change it if you have not yet decided on the tactics of the game or are afraid that the situation on the map will change greatly (for example, you will need to quickly switch to the ideology of Monarchy in order to be ready for defense)

Trade Republic

+100% gold per turn +200% maintain an army per turn

It is worth using if you want to develop peacefully. The maintenance of the army is becoming very expensive, so it will be difficult to war. The income bonus is really big and will allow you to get much more money than with any other ideology.


+100% population increase +50% science per turn -25% army attack

If you need to increase population or increase science, then this ideology will be the most useful. The attack penalty will make the war more difficult. Ideology is best suited for peaceful play.


+50% to the defense of the country if there is at least one enemy who has an army larger than yours -50% science per turn

Great for defense. But not suitable if you plan to quickly discover technology. The number of science gained per turn will be 2 times less!


Recruiting an army is 2 times cheaper (but not maintenance every turn. You cannot recruit an army if money is less than 0) There can be no revolt in your country If your capital is conquered, then you will instantly lose

When playing with this ideology, remember: be careful and defend the capital as soon as you can. Always pay attention to whether there are neighboring sea provinces from which enemy can attack. Ideology is useful in that you will spend a lot less money on recruiting an army. This can be useful to quickly recruit a huge army and defeat the enemy. You can also hire as much as you normally would while saving money.


During an enemy infantry attack on your land province 20% damage is ignored, of the remaining 20% damage to your army is dealt immediately, 80% damage is evenly distributed across all your provinces (including the one that was attacked) -40% gold per turn from population

This is perhaps the most difficult ideology to understand. About the first bonus: Now, when enemy attacking your province, instead of being inflicted on one province, it will be scattered across all your provinces. Damage is dispersed in direct proportion to your army in each of your provinces. The more army you have in a province, the more damage this province will take. Also other provinces will receive less damage (or not at all)

Example: a player's province takes 10,000 damage, 35% of which is ignored, leaving (1 - 0.35 = 0.65 = 65%) 6,500 damage. Further, 1,300 of them damage the province, the rest of the damage is scattered across all armies of all provinces of the player If the enemy attacks one province, then out of 10 000 damage he will inflict only 1300 damage on it. 5200 will be evenly distributed among all armies in all provinces. More armies in different provinces, the better, the attacked province takes less damage.

When to use this ideology? Best when defending a large country. When playing for small countries, the damage will simply have nowhere to scatter. And in the case of playing for a large country and having at least several provinces with an army, you can defend amazingly. If you use it correctly, then it will be impossible for enemy to conquer any province if enemy do not inflict damage comparable to the size of your entire army.


Tank factory produces two tanks for the price of one After you declare war on someone, your army gains an attack bonus +80% for 5 turns, after 5 turns your army gets a bonus to attack -25% until you declare war again

This ideology has 2 applications:

  1. Produce tanks and sell them, so you can make good money

  2. Use the bonus to attack to quickly defeat the enemy.

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