Set image

In order to create a map, I highly recommend finding something to use as a source. (In this case, the map of the British Isles will be used. You can download it here:

Image requirements: 1) less than 4096x4096 2) Borders should be filled with pure black (RGB: 0, 0, 0) 3) Land provinces in pure white (RGB: 255, 255, 255) 4) Water provinces must be filled with this color (RGB: 180, 210, 236)

After you have found a suitable image, drop it into folder (for more details, see the Overview section) and rename it to source.png. Next, launch the editor and select Map Creator.

If the uploaded image is less than 4096x4096, then it will appear in the lower left corner. There is nothing wrong with that! Restrictions in the game will be set normally. Just the used space is less than the maximum

If you want to edit the map, then click Image Editor. In this menu, you can edit the image, save it (not the map itself, map image, the modified image that you loaded) using the Save button or load it using the Load button

Description of the buttons on the screen:

  1. Tool: nothing (view), pencil, line

  2. Color: color of land provinces, color of borders, color of water

  3. Pencil size

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