Global servers

What is global server?

How to create server?

  1. Rent Vps server on Linux. I recommend Debian or Ubuntu, since the examples below will use commands that 100% work on these systems. It is possible to run on others, but you will have to make decisions on your own and deviate from the instructions.

  2. Install dependencies and download server from github. This is the initial server setup and should only be done once.

  3. Customize server.

  4. Start server and play with friends

What can be changed on the server side?

  1. Adding custom scenarios and maps

  2. Creating plugins

  3. Rewrite all game logic the way you want by changing lua files (for example, change the behavior of AI, buildings, and almost everything that is possible)

How to connect to server?

There is two ways:

  1. Type ip:port in Direct connection section

  2. Add your server to global servers list

In order for the server to be added to the list of servers, contact the game developer. The game server must also be:

  1. Stable. No often bugs, crashes

  2. Have rules and moderation. It is forbidden to ban for no reason or write obscene reasons for the ban

  3. Do not bypass the in-game purchase system

Any players can connect to these servers immediately after downloading game, and if there is a mess there, they will have a bad impression of the game, which will affect the rating and purchases

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