Cold Path

Create server

Rent server

First you need to rent a server (well, or use your computer if the provider allows it)
In this topic, I will try to write specific OS, in fact, this is not so important. I will disassemble the launch and configuration of the server on a specific Linux Debian so that there is no confusion. On all other systems, you can do by analogy
First you need to rent a suitable server. A VPS with 512 MB of RAM fits without problems. The game server is well optimized, you can keep one or more game servers, then this should be enough for you.
After you have bought it, you will receive an email with:
  1. 1.
    ip address of the server (which you will use to connect)
  2. 2.
    login and password OS: debian9 (you can use another, but in this topic it will be used)


In order to interact with the server on a PC, you need to download:
  1. 1.
    Putty - SSH client to connect to and manage server
  2. 2.
    Any FTP client (for example, FileZilla, if it is available on a rented server tariff. If FTP connection is not available, then download WinSCP)
You can also manage the server using your phone. For example, on Android, you can use the following programs:
  1. 1.
    Termius for connecting via ssh
  2. 2.
    CX explorer for working with server files via ftp or sftp

Initial server setup

So, you should write the this commands only once. This is the initial setting, you write these commands first, then you can forget about it
So, connect to the server via IP, enter the username and password.
Next, write commands (if it requires input and the inscription "Do you want to continue? [Y / n]" appears, then press y on the keyboard)
Updating data about repositories
apt update
Install LuaJIT
apt-get install luajit
Install LuaSocket:
apt-get install lua-socket
Install LuaSec
apt-get install lua-sec
Install Screen
apt-get install screen
Install the nano editor (to quickly edit the code in the console)
apt-get install nano
Installing Git to download the latest version of the server for Cold Path
apt-get install git

Server downloading and starting

We have not downloaded the server yet, and it is better to prepare for this. So, type the command
screen -S server1
(this is necessary so that when you exit the console, the server remains running in the background. It also helps a lot in that it helps to switch between open programs in the console. Read more about Screen utility in Internet)
Next, create a folder in which our server will be
mkdir server1
See elements in directory
Okay, the folder has been created. Now let's move into it.
cd server1
We will drop our server into this folder. Write command to download the latest version of the server:
git clone
Or just upload the downloaded sources to the server in another way
We have downloaded a copy of game server to the server. Now let's go to game server folder
cd cold-path-server
See elements in directory
Give permission to the script to run
chmod +x
Start server
As you can see, server has started, and now you can connect to it in the game
Select Direct Connection from the Join menu and write ip:port (example: Default port is 5555